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The property tax is often considered to be the most unfair of taxes because the levy arises from ownership, not activity.  This is especially true for capital intensive industries.  Contributing to this perception, increases are frequently based on theoretical “paper” gains rather than realized gains.  Additionally, there are complexities that worsen the situation for taxpayers: disparity within the mass appraisal process, governmental budget demands and out-of-town ownership to name a few.  Founded on the need to contend with such inequities, for over four decades George McElroy & Associates, Inc. (GMA) has strived to bring fairness to taxpayers.


At GMA, our purpose is to assist taxpayers with the management of their real estate and business personal property taxes.  It is our experience that people define a service enterprise.  Our staff brings you decades of knowledge and expertise, as well as long term tenure with our firm.  Today, GMA continues to attract a diverse client base from many different industries including real estate, manufacturing and special purpose enterprises.


Our mission is to provide exceptional, value added property tax consulting services to our clients, locally and nationwide, by seeking the lowest legal assessments, charging reasonable fees and meeting each client’s individual needs in an ethical and professional manner.


GMA has earned a national reputation built on credibility and relationships with both clients and tax assessors.  Employee tenure and client retention form a stable foundation for the quality and continuity of service that defines GMA.  For these reasons, our clients trust us.  We hope to earn your trust as well.

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Greg Fox

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